The Rules

These are The Rules So Far:

  1. There must be a blog post about every episode.  Even the ones I hate.
  2. Each post must be completed and published before I can watch the next episode
  3. The episode guide posted on The Watcher’s Council will be used to determine which episodes go in which order when I get to the part where Buffy and Angel run concurrently.
  4. Two-part episodes (such as “What’s My Line?”) will be viewed as a single episode.
  5. Spoilers are fair game.  This is a rewatch, I’m going to assume that most of my readers, like me, already know what’s going to happen.  Let me just repeat that:  SPOILERS ARE FAIR GAME.

Remember, I came up with this whole idea on the fly in the middle of a very long shift at the end of a very long week, so right now, everything’s very bare-bones.  This whole concept is mushy and mutable, and I like that about it.  I can turn it into anything I like.  These rules are more like guidelines to keep me on track and posting!