Some Assembly Required

In the world of journalism, “Some Assembly Required” would be a fluff piece.  Something nice that you skim over on your way to the sports pages or the crossword puzzle.  This is not the kind of episode with the hard-hitting, emotional depth of some of the other episodes this season.  But it’s also not horrible, the way I think of episodes like “I Robot, You Jane,” or “Teacher’s Pet.”  Mostly, I think the episode suffers from pacing issues.

There are, however, some really great things about this episode, and they almost all can be summed up with two words:  Cordelia Chase.

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When She Was Bad

*pokes head out, looks around*  Hi?

I know, I know, it’s been so long!  I have not abandoned this project, though, I swear.  Life got in my way, and a quick, week-long hiatus turned into . . . months?  Sorry!  I can’t promise it won’t happen again, but in the mean time, let’s get into season 2.

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Oh right, the Master.  I keep forgetting we’re supposed to be afraid of him this season.  He’s not a very prevalent Big Bad, unlike future seasons where we’re almost constantly reminded of the Big Bad–Glory, in particular, felt like she got gratuitous scenes to just remind us that she existed.

I have a question before we get into the rest of the show.  Why isn’t the Anointed ever in vamp face?  Like, he’s proven to be a vampire later when Spike kills him, so why isn’t he ever shown in vamp face?  Is it because it would be really difficult to get a little kid in that prosthetic?  Because I feel like that might be a limiting factor.  But I’m also confused why he wouldn’t vamp out, particularly around the Master, who is always vamped out.  Maybe I’m over thinking this.

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