The Dark Age

In the interest of honesty, and because it’s a dumb story no one else is going to hear or care about, my wifi was out for about four hours just now, and during that time I finished this review, tried to post it, failed, because you cannot post things onto the internet when you do not have access TO said internet, and decided to screw everything and just start on “What’s My Line” Pts 1 and 2.  I made up the rules, I get to bend them at whim.  My notes for “What’s My Line” are finished, I just have to watch the audio commentary tracks (something I’ve decided to start doing when they’re available) and then I can get started writing.  “What’s My Line” is probably going to take a few days to get finished; since it’s a two part episode I’m fairly sure this is going to be a long review.

There are some very dated elements to this episode, particularly the flashbacks, but the dated feel contributes here to the overall feeling that we’ve seen this before.  We’ve seen it, and we did it better literally two episodes ago in “Halloween.”  I didn’t think I was going to agree with Passion of the Nerd on this one, but Ian hit it on the head—we’ve already seen all these elements before, and putting them all together into an episode doesn’t really seem justified.

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Lie to Me

In other reviews I’ve read and watched of this episode, there’s a lot of discussion of existentialist philosophy and how that relates to the Buffy/Ford dynamic in this particular episode.  It’s all very deep and interesting, particularly as I think Joss is definitely coming at this show (and Angel, and Firefly, although I’d argue that his existentialist metanarrative drops off after the ends of those shows and he focuses his philosophical interest elsewhere in his later works) from an existentialist perspective.  There’s solid evidence for this, in any case, and if you’re interested in hearing more about it, I’d go check out some of Joss’ interviews on youtube, or the Buffy Guide for this episode over on Passion of the Nerd’s youtube channel.

For me, though, this episode strikes an entirely different note.  This episode is forever shaded by my own relationship with my friends, and two friendships of mine that soured instead of maturing.

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Reptile Boy

This episode review contains minor spoilers for the remainder of the series.  You have been warned, boys and girls.


What’s more fun than a twenty-foot tall snake?  Nothing, clearly.

Except that cold open, my gosh.  I love the bafflement of Xander and Buffy, and the implication that Willow understands Hindi.  That’s just a great nod to her quick mastery of Latin later on, I think.  Or maybe not, maybe it was just random.

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Meta-analysis and Me!

So, I have always loved critical theory, literary theory, film theory, etc.  Shows and movies and books that allow us to dig into them deeper and deeper, that hold up upon the zillionth rewatch, that drop us clues and hints and lend themselves to obsessive viewing are great.  I have a few shows that I’d love to do episode-by-episode guides or breakdowns or reviews of.

This probably means I’m going to make myself yet another blog shortly, because this blog was created with the sole purpose of recording my thoughts on the Buffy’verse.

In any case, some of the shows I watch and would love to do episode guides and/or write meta posts for include:

  • Supernatural
  • Once Upon a Time (particularly the first season, which is a solid arc that stands alone from the rest of the show)
  • Sherlock
  • Firefly
  • The Walking Dead
  • Leverage
  • White Collar
  • Bomb Girls
  • Blacklist
  • Agents of Shield
  • Agent Carter
  • Jericho
  • Plus various one-off metas on movies, particularly film noir.

I’m mentioning this here because I like the idea of a multi-fandom blog that talks about and analyzes more than one show.  A lot of the people I follow on youtube and tumblr only discuss a single fandom, which is fine, but being a multi-fandom girl myself, it gets a little tiring trying to figure out if any of the people I follow have side blogs or alternate channels where they talk about other stuff I might be interested in.  So, if you’re like me and want to know my other interests, here you go!

I mostly write meta for visual series, and while there are several book series I am a fan of, I generally don’t participate in fandoms for books (Harry Potter being the single exception thus far) because I feel like books lend themselves less to the creation of fanworks due to being a more fleshed-out experience than TV and movies often are.  Visual media lend themselves more to subtextual clues, background information a viewer might not pick up on, and nuances of emotion and acting that books just don’t have.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a book lover at heart, and if given the choice between never watching another anything, and never reading another book, I’d take books hands down.  But part of the fun of movies and television is looking for the clues, hints, and giant neon signs the creators have dropped for us, which is something you don’t really get very often with books, due to the author being omniscient and all.

Anyway, meta analysis, girlfriend!  I’m a fan.  I’m gonna probably do some discussion of fandom and fan culture as relates to Buffy at some point.  I know I have a couple of little essays on Joss’ writing and directing episodes I want to get up at some point–maybe after I’ve gotten through a couple more seasons?  If there’s anything anyone out there might want me to talk about, feel free to drop me a comment letting me know!