Oh right, the Master.  I keep forgetting we’re supposed to be afraid of him this season.  He’s not a very prevalent Big Bad, unlike future seasons where we’re almost constantly reminded of the Big Bad–Glory, in particular, felt like she got gratuitous scenes to just remind us that she existed.

I have a question before we get into the rest of the show.  Why isn’t the Anointed ever in vamp face?  Like, he’s proven to be a vampire later when Spike kills him, so why isn’t he ever shown in vamp face?  Is it because it would be really difficult to get a little kid in that prosthetic?  Because I feel like that might be a limiting factor.  But I’m also confused why he wouldn’t vamp out, particularly around the Master, who is always vamped out.  Maybe I’m over thinking this.

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Puppet Show

Let me just say right up front:  I love ventriloquists, but the old-school dummies are terrifying.  It’s that uncanny valley thing.  That said, Sid?  Not terrifying.  He just looks kinda silly.

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I Robot, You Jane

I remembered this episode being weird.  I didn’t remember it being so all over the place with . . . well, everything.  I mean, there’s the monks, Willow’s handheld green-light scanner, Jenny and the Angry Techies, Xander’s Porn Star t-shirt, and the whole vendetta nineties culture had against people forming meaningful relationships online

But, this episode does have it’s good points, too.

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Willow, you seem oddly invested in getting Buffy to date Angel.  Is this a plot to keep her away from Xander?  Are you being supportive?  Do you secretly wish you could date Angel?  Inquiring minds want to know.

And while I’m on silly, unrelated to the episode except very tangentially plots:  Xander, you have the worst dance floor etiquette I’ve ever seen.  It’s no wonder no one wants to dance with you if you can’t even get off the floor without running into someone.  And also, if you’re leaving the floor or solo dancing, guess who is responsible for you not running into other couples/people?  That’s right, you are.  Honestly.

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Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

***I am so sorry, somehow a VERY rough draft version of this post got published instead of my final draft!  I have no idea what happened.  I’ve got it fixed now, though!

So, we meet again, and finally see what the Master’s been doing all this time.  Which appears to be . . . sitting in his magic prison, waiting.  For tonight.  Like J-Lo.  Okay, not like J-Lo, but he seems to have been hanging out for two weeks waiting for the night of the prophecy before doing anything else.  What’s a few more weeks when you’ve been stuck underground for a century, amirite?

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Teacher’s Pet

As far as male fantasies go, the one that starts this episode is . . . I’m honestly not sure how to describe it.  It’s very in character for Xander at this point to be daydreaming like this, but at the same time, it also feels sort of contrary to the spirit of Buffy?  I’m even more conflicted because Nicholas Brendan playing an assertive version of Xander is quite appealing, but is it worth it here when we get Hyena!Alpha!Xander in two episodes?  I kind of feel like no, it’s not.

That’s not the only thing that bothers me about this episode either.  I know it’s a filler episode in a mid-season replacement series that basically doesn’t find it’s feet until a few episodes into the second season, but “Teacher’s Pet” has always been an episode that just bothers me.  And honestly, I’m kind of excited to unpack why.

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